• Boww Homes™

    Living in the Future, Built Today.
  • Boww Homes™

    Living in the Future, Built Today.
  • Boww Homes™

    Living in the Future, Built Today.

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What is a Boww Home™?

Living in the future...why wait?

Every inch of your Boww Home™ is designed intelligently, ergonomically, sustainably and for an ultimate human living experience.

Its state-of-the-art design encompassing creative living solutions in design amenities, style, high-tech and home bio-tech engineering solutions yet affordable. It’s hard to imagine we know! This very low carbon-footprint sustainable home is environmentally-integrated in its materials as well as its installation. Your home compliments nature for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The design itself is unique, off grid or on grid, alive, and inspiring. And your new, spacious Boww Home™ can be acquired without having to finance away your family’s future.

A 2050 Boww Home™ is more than a house: it is the future — your future, and our planet’s future — where style and sustainability meet.

Boww Homes™ boast:

  • Affordable price point
  • 100% off-the-grid design options
  • Zero carbon-footprint
  • No water, no electricity, no fuel
  • Cooled and heated by the sun and earth
  • Ergonomic design meets nature

Low maintenance and DIY options

Our Boww homes had you and your families future budget in mind with our state of the art DIY virtual video training for install and maintenance or the option to use our certified install and maintenance team.

  • Your family can build it — on your own and in only a few weeks, not the months required for typical construction
  • Our expert-tested design uses longevity techniques with well-established brand name products for every part
  • The homes are built to U.S. building standards that secure the longest life and maximum safety requirements for your housing needs
  • Modern technology is interwoven in ergonomic designs, safety, waterproofing, modularization, and organic material preservation - all in one
  • The innovation and aesthetics combined brings this home design into the year 2050 today!
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- Why is a Boww home™ better?

  • You design your home based on your living needs, and the home is sent to you directly
  • Built using local, sustainable, and tried-and-true materials, as well as proprietary hardware and modularization systems, and crafted into a futuristic architectural design that will effectively and efficiently function long-term
  • Standardized floor plan with identical attributes, but the details within each home are yours to customize – just the way you like it
  • Affordable, with a starting price of $88,000
  • Both the interior and exterior of your home's structure is form following future function: the vision of a 2050 dream home
30-90 days

- How do I get one?

Think outside the box! Boww Homes™ are great income properties, commercial office space, or custom-owner occupied homes. Boww Homes™ are just a click away.

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Its unique shape is like a bow and it stands for Builders Optimization WorldWide.

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